Tactics on the map Overpass

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May 9, 2023
Tactics on the map Overpass

Tactics on the map Overpass

The Overpass map is one of the most dynamic maps in CS:GO. There are many places where you can use tactics to achieve your goals. If you are a beginner or haven’t played this map for a long time, this article will help you refresh your knowledge and improve your skills.

On the terrorist side:

1. Rush B.

On the Overpass map it is very easy and quick to rush to point B. This can be a good tactic for the opening rounds, especially if you’re playing in the publick. Remember that you need to break through the corridor quickly, while keeping yourself safe from the enemy on the other side.

2. Approach to A.

A real challenge for the team. There are plenty of places to take cover and shoot from an enclosed position. Try, together with your teammates to put pressure on the enemies at the same time from different places, so they can not find a certain place where you, and your teammates, are.

3. Preparing for the plan

You can use false “moves” to draw enemies to a different part of the Overpass map, so that the whole team can then head to a different place. This will help you surprise the enemy who is waiting for your natural course of action.

On the counter-terrorist side:

1. Defending Point B.

This is one of the most important missions on the Overpass map, and not only. Try using a tight-fire strategy to keep the enemy at bay until your team can come out to help.

2. Defending Point A.

This can be a challenge, but you can use position exchange tactics and BM zones. If your team was able to lay down defenders with more powerful weapons and armor, you gain an advantage over the enemy.

3. Preparing for the plan.

It’s important that you are in constant contact with your team. And observe each of your opponents. The best defense is to know where the enemy is going. Еo move and to take action ahead of time.

The Overpass map is a very difficult map, but you can use different tactics to ride it confidently and fearlessly. Remember that one! Of your main goals is to work closely with your team to succeed.

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