Opinions of esports players about Source 2

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May 15, 2023
Opinions of esports players about Source 2

Abdul “degster” Gasanov on Source 2:

“I’ve watched the new engine trailers several times, and while the old-timers say it’s
very strange, I liked the game. Of course, there will be some errors, as was the case
with every new version of CS. For example, at the beginning of CS:GO Source 2, you couldn’t
extinguish a molotov with smoke. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to test the
game with great interest, and the smoke effect could be both strange and very cool.
Overall, I’m looking forward to beta testing.”

сурс 2

Jami “Jame” Ali on Source 2:

“I hope we don’t lose anything. I hope Source 2 will be like the change in Dota 2,
where the mechanics in general didn’t change, but only the optimization and so on.
Did I just play for 20,000 hours for nothing? We’ll have to learn something new again.
Honestly, I’m tired of learning, so let’s play more on the old one. Young players will
take the lead. Compositions need to be built around young players. There will be
enough experience. Everything will stay the same on Source 2. Perhaps they’ll add
some interesting maps or some element. All these user modes, like parkour, can be
added. The engine provides opportunities for implementing ideas that couldn’t be
implemented before. When they added it to Dota 2, there were unreal
“customizations” that we’re still far from in CS:GO. Maybe something like a Battle
Royale or MMORPG will appear in CS.”

Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov on Source 2:

“Throwing a ‘hey’ and shooting into a smoke gives you visibility through it. What’s the
point of it then? This is still a beta test, so many things will be fixed. It will be ready
for release. The maps and textures look very cool. So what do we have: new grenade
mechanics, possibly even shooting mechanics, improved sounds, and tickrate. On
paper, it sounds good, but we need to try playing it first.”

сурс 2

Alexey “OverDrive” Biryukov on Source 2:

“I just watched it calmly. Guys, what difference does it make what anyone says? I’ll
judge it myself when it comes out. Let’s just wait and see. I won’t jump to
conclusions. It’s not worth it. If it’s good, great. If not, we’ll play on the old engine.”

Alexander “S1mple” Kostylev:

“Actually, the ‘new’ CS is more fun than Valorant. I have a few extra keys left.”

сурс 2

On our personal opinion, about Source 2 – it’s a huge step for the CS industry. It’s
great that developers are constantly working on the game and trying to make it
“immortal”. As for all the bugs – it’s just a “beta”, so there’s no need to get upset,
developers are unlikely to leave it as it is now.

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