World Records of S1mple in CS:GO

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May 15, 2023
World Records of S1mple in CS:GO

World Records of S1mple in CS:GO

Alexander “S1mple” Kostylev is a professional player from the CIS region with 10
years of experience and an impressive number of victories, fans, and records. At the
age of 25, he has repeatedly amazed the public with his achievements. In this article,
we will discuss S1mple’s world-level records in CS:GO.

21 MVPs throughout his career

Let’s start with the most significant global world records in CS:GO of S1mple. In December
2021, at the BLAST Premier: World Final 2021, the tournament ended with the victory
of NaVi, where S1mple played. Besides that, Alexander Kostylev received his 21st
“Best Player of the Tournament” award, surpassing Nicolai “device” Reedtz, who
previously held this record. S1mple also surpassed Reedtz in the number of titles won
in a single season. S1mple won 8 titles in one season, while Device had 7. Currently,
this is a world record that is unlikely to be broken soon.

Kill-to-Death Ratio (K-D Diff)

In this world Records in CS:GO, our S1mple has a significant lead over top players like Device and
KennyS, surpassing Device by about 2000, while Device outranks KennyS by only
about 900. Let’s take a look at the K-D Diff statistics:
S1mple (+9099)
Device (+7208)
KennyS (+6331)
It’s impressive, isn’t it?

Map with a rating of 2.77 (likely a personal record of the player)

In the fall of 2020, Alexander “S1mple” Kostylev managed to play his best map of his
entire career. This map was Mirage, and by the end of the game on this map, he was
able to achieve a rating of 2.77, which is a pretty high rating. The NaVi team played
against MAD Lions. As a result, Alexander’s score was 37/8 (K/D).

Three-time Player of the Year according to HLTV

In 2022, S1mple became the Player of the Year according to HLTV. Indeed, 2022 was
the best year in NaVi’s career, particularly in Alexander’s career. The player swiftly
approached this title. It was clear in advance that he would receive this title if he did
not lower the bar and played as he had before. Also, Alexander managed to take the
title of the Best Player of 2021 and 2018 (World Records in CS:GO).

Two years in a row in second place (Anti-record)

S1mple was in second place in the top players of the year according to HLTV for two
years in a row, making him the only one with this strange anti-record. This happened
in 2019 and 2020. But there is nothing to worry about, as he became the Player of the
Year twice in a row after that.
These were S1mple’s world records in CS:GO

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