Deleted maps in CS:GO forever!

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May 15, 2023
Deleted maps in CS:GO forever!

Deleted maps in CS:GO forever!

Every CS:GO player has their favorite map in the game. For most, it’s Mirage, Dust,
Cache, Inferno, and so on. But what is it like to be a fan of a deleted map? To know
that you will never play a competitive match on that map again. Unsuccessful
attempts to find public servers that still run that map can drive you insane. And
playing with bots on that map just makes you feel lonely. Enough of the sad words,
we invite you to remember with a smile the maps that were in CS:GO but will never be

P.S. – You can learn more about each map by clicking on its name in our article.

SubZero maps in CS:GO

Unforgiving cold, glaciers, mesmerizing views that could be the last in your life –
that’s the Arctic. This map is dedicated to that continent. CS:GO doesn’t have many
winter maps, only one – Office. SubZero perfectly complemented Office with its cold
atmosphere. We think that if they had dedicated a case to this map, there would have
been very beautiful skins that would give you a chill through the monitor. To this day,
you can find the hashtag “#bringbacksubzero” on this map’s workshop page, which
means “bring back SubZero” in English.

maps in CS:GO

Santorini maps in CS:GO

This map’s design is reminiscent of Dust and Inferno. It’s a small town where two
sides – T-side and CT-side – fight against each other. The old but incredibly beautiful
city always has sunshine. This map had the potential to become legendary due to the
balance between the two sides. It had potential for cool tactics and effective spreads.
On this map, it’s important to be able to make fakes because without them, the map
would be boring. It’s sad that you can’t play this map anymore because it could have
surpassed Mirage and Dust in terms of the number of players. But it didn’t happen
because most players didn’t feel this map.

санторини карта кс го

Season maps in CS:GO

Completing our list is the map of the future. It’s literally like that. If you run around on
this map for a bit, you’ll think you’re playing Overwatch. The map has privileged
white-green tones that are very pleasing to the eye. In the comments section for this
map, you can find phrases like “The best map ever in CS:GO!” “Valve, bring back this
amazing map,” and so on. We hope that the developers hear this and bring back this
beautiful map.

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