Cybersport teams in CS:GO that no longer exist

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May 15, 2023
Cybersport teams in CS:GO that no longer exist

Cybersport teams in CS:GO that no longer exist

An important and integral part of the CS:GO industry is esports. A huge number of
people follow esports tournaments, but esports cannot exist without esports сybersport teams in CS:GO,
which have crowds of fans. Usually, each country roots for their own team,
but there are exceptions. Esports athletes constantly train to win tournaments and
amaze the audience, but unfortunately, cybersport teams in CS:GO can disband without any explanation.
Today, we have prepared a list for you with brief information about esports teams that
have disbanded!

1. Fnatic (2012-2018) (сybersport teams in CS:GO)

A Swedish team that dominated the world of CS:GO for a long time. The team won
numerous championships and competitions, including ESL One Cologne, ELEAGUE
Cup, DreamHack Masters, and many others.

2. Ninjas in Pyjamas (2012-2019) 

Another Swedish CS:GO team that existed for a long time. The team was particularly
successful in the early 2010s when they won many tournaments, including ESL One
Cologne and DreamHack Masters.

3. (2014-2019) (сybersport teams in CS:GO)

A team from Poland that was known for their play in competitions in Europe. The
CS:GO team won numerous tournaments, including ELEAGUE Cup and EPICENTER
2017, and was chosen as the team of the year at the Esports Industry Awards in 2017.

4. SK Gaming (2016-2018) 

A Brazilian team that won two Major tournaments and many other tournaments
throughout its history. The team also collaborated with the German team mousesports
to create a mixed team that competed under the name MIBR.

5. EnVyUs (2015-2018)  (сybersport teams in CS:GO)

A French team that was founded after the disbandment of LDLC. The team won many
tournaments, including the MLG Cup and DreamHack Masters.

6. Luminosity Gaming (2015-2016) 

A Brazilian CS:GO team that won two Major tournaments in 2016 and was the first
Brazilian team to reach the Major final in 2015. The team later changed its roster and
moved to other organizations.

It’s a shame that we won’t see these CS:GO teams anymore. Many of the teams on
this list have made a significant contribution to the world of CS:GO esports. We hope
you found it interesting. (сybersport teams in CS:GO)

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