Why are positions named the way they are?

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May 15, 2023
Why are positions named the way they are?

Why are CS:GO positions named the way they are?

We are all used to sometimes strange but well-known names of positions on maps.
Anyone who has spent at least a week playing the game knows at least some of the
slang names for positions. But why are they called that way? For example, jungle on
Mirage, there are no trees there. Or forest, on the same Mirage, it’s just a piece of wall
to hide behind. Why is that!? It’s all very confusing, but we are here to help you figure
it out and learn more about CS:GO positions. We have learned a bit about these
strange positions and will answer the question “Why are they called that way?”

CS:GO positions named after cyber athletes’ nicknames

You may be surprised, but a significant portion of CS:GO positions are named after
cyber athletes’ nicknames.
What do cyber athletes have to do with it?
It’s simple. These were their favorite CS:GO positions or positions where they

Now we will name the positions and the nicknames of the cyber athletes who gave
them their names:

Forest – Patrick “f0rest” Lindberg (He often played on this position, which is why it
was named after him)

Olof – Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer (The same story – this is just the player’s favorite

NBK – Nathan “NBK” Schmitt (The player often played on this position)

Delpan – Marcus “Delpan” Larsson (The oldest name in this list, it came to us from CS
1.6. This player could play this position a hundred percent)

CS:GO positions named after previous game versions

Some CS:GO positions came from earlier versions of the game. All positions are
named after the items that were on these positions. These items are not in our CS:GO,
so the names seem strange.

Let’s move on to these CS:GO positions:

Firebox (Mirage) – In CS 1.6, you could find a box with fire drawn on it at this position.
That’s why it’s called the firebox – fiery boxes.

Palm (Dust 2) – The name came from CS: Source. There was a large palm tree on this
position, hence the name “palm”.

Car (Inferno) – The position where a car was placed in CS: Source. Instead of this car,
there are now boxes.

Advertisement (Dust 2) – In CS 1.6, admins loved to leave ads on this spot on their

These were CS:GO positions, the names of which sometimes mislead players. But we
hope we explained to you what and why they are called that way…

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