New CS:GO Operation Leak

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May 15, 2023
New CS:GO Operation Leak

New CS:GO Operation Leak

Periodically, CS:GO gives its players new operations. What is a CS:GO operation? A
CS:GO operation is a kind of DLC in our favorite game, which gives us a new case
(correspondingly new skins), a medal that can be leveled up, and many other perks
in CS:GO. There are rumors about a new operation in CS:GO called “Blitzkrieg”, and
especially for you, our friend, we have found some information about this operation.
Sit back and get ready to be amazed by the innovations that this operation brings.

Warning! This information is not 100% accurate, it may be just a concept of the
operation. Or it could be a legitimate leak of the operation that we will see in CS:GO

Operation Style

The name “Blitzkrieg” tells us about the plan for a quick fight that leads to a quick
victory. The logo also implies this, featuring a panther, one of the fastest and
quietest animals. On the cover, we see two agents, which means they will be
released with this operation, and they look cool. Let’s look at the background of the
cover and see a winter landscape, but more on that later. CS:GO operation is
starting to amaze us…

“Blitzkrieg” Case CS:GO Operation 

The operation logo is usually located on the case. Let’s take a look at the contents
of the case. Some of the skins include:
Desert Eagle | Memories – featuring a skull with a treasure chest in its eyes.
Sawed-off | Food Chain – resembling the “Fast and Furious” skin series.
AWP | Raven Tears – a black-toned skin with a crying raven.
M4A4 | Dogfighter – a worn skin with a field-drawn image

New Knife and New Maps CS:GO Operation 

Let’s start with the knife – it’s the “Kukri knife.” The knife looks wild, just like the
Bowie knife. The Kukri knife will look beautiful on the T-side, and we think it suits
their style.

Moving on to the maps, let’s return to the spoiler in the first section. What’s in the
background? It’s a new Danger Zone map with a winter atmosphere, probably
related to the upcoming new year. The concept of winter on the map makes it more
severe, but at the same time festive.

Next, new maps for matchmaking and other team bomb modes. Among them, we
see both futuristic and ancient-style maps. It’s a very interesting decision with such
a difference in map style CS:GO Operation.

CS:GO Operation

CS:GO Operation

This was all the information about a possible special CS:GO Operation. We
hope you found it interesting and that you will share it with your friends.

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