Best CS:GO Majors (Part 2)

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May 15, 2023
Best CS:GO Majors (Part 2)

CS:GO Major (Part 2)

We have already told you about the top three CS:GO Majors in history in our article,
which you can read by clicking “here”. We think it’s time to add two more
tournaments to this list, which we haven’t mentioned before. We have something to
tell you about, and you, our friend, have something to read about. So let’s recall:
“what are the CS:GO Major?”, “what makes these tournaments great?”. CS:GO
Majors are large-scale tournaments where esports teams gather and compete for the
title of the best. CS:GO Major tournaments give us unforgettable emotions. Watching them,
we can be disappointed as well as delighted. Esports players who participate in these
tournaments surprise us every time with their gameplay and the new heights they
manage to conquer.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 (CS:GO Major)

Opens our collection of legendary tournaments, the CS:GO Major, after which the
whole CIS region was celebrating, but more on that later. So, everything is according
to the classic: the scale of the tournament takes your breath away, charged
spectators, emotions from sadness to tears, and so on. It is important to note that this
CS:GO Major had the largest prize pool in history – $2,000,000. Why did this
tournament become so memorable for the CIS audience? Simply because the “NaVi”
team won this prize pool, which had been in the finals three times before and had lost
every time. And then came the tournament where NaVi showed all their power and
became memorable to the whole community as a team that knows how to achieve
victory. NaVi seemed to “raise their price” and waited for a good prize pool.

CS:GO Major

IEM Rio Major 2022 (CS:GO Major)

This CS:GO Major deserves a place in our collection due to its unexpected outcomes.
Somehow, top teams in the world were eliminated from the tournament, which
disappointed many. It all started with the “FaZe” team, who took 15-16th place. This
seemed impossible! “How come? A team that has shown itself in the best light for
years, one of the first to be eliminated from the tournament?”. After them, the
“Vitality” team was eliminated, which disappointed the European community even
more. The “Vitality” team was already loved for their super moments that made you
want to applaud while standing up. And at this tournament, they were eliminated,
taking 12-14th place. And the final blow was the elimination of the “fnatic” team. Then
most of the European community simply stopped watching this tournament. In
general, it was too sad of a tournament for the European community. This CS:GO
Major seemed to bury hope…

CS:GO Major

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