Forgotten CS:GO esports players

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May 15, 2023
Forgotten CS:GO esports players

Forgotten CS:GO esports players

Cybersport in CS:GO is an integral part of the entire industry. Huge amounts of money
are involved in cybersport tournaments in CS:GO. The huge prize pools only reinforce
our interest! A large number of teams that were nobody before the tournament can
become world stars after it. Also, individual cybersportsmen can be highlighted, who
showed their best sides and also became world stars. It’s a pity that they are
eventually forgotten. Today, we will tell you about such forgotten CS:GO esports players!

Kenny “KennyS” Schrub CS:GO esports players

This cybersportsman started his career in 2009 playing CS:Source. His first
tournament was in 2011, but even then he announced himself as a strong player who
could beat almost any veteran. He entered cybersport CS:GO with a victory at
DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015, as part of the Team EnVyUs team. That’s when
everyone found out who “KennyS” was! In the same year 2015, he received the
“Breakthrough of the Year” award and took 6th place as the best player according to
HLTV. Unfortunately, that was his peak of popularity… He played incredibly well, but
after some time, other players overshadowed him, and people started to forget about
him. Yes… Cybersport CS:GO in 2015 was bright…

CS:GO esports players

Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom CS:GO esports players

Remember cybersport in CS:GO in 2014-2015, everyone talked about this player. HLTV
didn’t stop for a minute and wanted to tell everyone about this talent. This is the
teammate who carried the whole team on his shoulders. And he had a lot of fans who
loved him! What was his talent? It’s simple! He used weapons in CS:GO amazingly,
that is, he shot the heads of each opponent with his impeccable aim. He literally
needed 5 bullets for 5 opponents. It was this talent that he was remembered for, but
over time, people forgot about him…

киберспорт кс го скрим

Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs CS:GO esports players

We will finish our selection of forgotten cybersportsmen in cybersport CS:GO with a
cybersportsman who was remembered by the community as a master of the AWP.
Yes, he was born for shooting with the AWP, and there were no equals to him. It was in
2015, but what it was like. He shot so much that he became the 2nd best player of
2015 according to HLTV. We can’t say that he was completely forgotten because his
name sometimes appears in the world of cybersport.

CS:GO esports players

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